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Tahoe Information

There is no other place around the world like Lake Tahoe that can boast having 14 Area Resorts to choose from for skiing and boarding. This place is amazing! And when you look at a map of Lake Tahoe showing where all these Resorts are you can’t believe how close they are in proximity. It’s like a candy store and all you have to do is decide which one you want to go to for the day. And yes weather can be a factor in deciding because it always is. There are more sunny days then cloudy days. And usually when it snows, it dumps and then the sun comes out. There have been very few years that I have experienced really cold bone chilling winters here. I think twice..been living here 25 years. Normal temps are usually in the high 20’s low 30s. I left the mid-west because of their bone chilling, no snow, some snow, winter seasons. Love this place.