Anda and Cesar


Cesar, Anda, Steve, Hollen

STEVE– Born and raised in Tahoe in 1973 started sledding at the age of 3 on Ski Run Blvd when it was the ‘old ski run’. By 15, he was one of the few Tahoe Snowboarders that helped push the snowboarding movement to where it is today. He was quite the celebrity then and still is. He considers himself a Tahoe X-Pro, having never left the Tahoe Basin. Questions of just about anything to do with anything, Steve can help you.

CESAR – Born and raised in Tahoe he likes to be outdoor especially in the winter season. He start snowboarding at age 10 and he never stop going up the mountain. At age 16 he start working in the Rip N’ Willies Ski and Snowboard Shop and switch to skiing. I dare you to come in and challenge him down the hill !


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