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Group Rates are always available for your party of 8 or more. The longer you rent from us, the greater the discounts. Remember 4th day is Free too. What we will need from you is simple.

1.You will need to fill out a Rip N Willies special ‘Group’ Form which will give us the information we will need to reserve your equipment. This Form needs to be submitted to us at least 3 days before you arrive. The sooner you reserve the better though. Especially if you want a drop off of equipment. See #3 below.

2. If your group wants to pick up at the shop because the group may not be arriving in Tahoe at the same time or you are staying in different places, that is not a problem for us. We will give you a “Group Name ” to reference when you come in.

3. If you want us to drop off the equipment where you are staying then the info will be more involved. We will send you the ‘Group’ Form list and a separate form for all those to fill out in regards to height, weight, age, ability, and shoe size. After your stay we will pick up your equipment where it was dropped off which will be coordinated between the group leader and our staff.

Want to Reserve now for your group? Just email us! Or call the shop at 530-541-6366 or the office at 530-542-1195.