Given the issues surrounding COVID 19 and at the directives of the State of California and the Federal Government to maintain the health of our staff and customers we will be closed until further notice. We will keep you posted with any updates or changes and look forward to serving you again.

During this time, if you could please e-mail first to see when someone will be available for seasonal return.


Thank you for your patience and dedication!

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You name it, we’ve got it. Our California Ski Run Boulevard location has everything you need.


South Lake Tahoe Ski & Snowboard Shop

Rip N Willies is South Lake Tahoe’s Top Notch, One Stop, Ski and Snowboard Shop! We specialize in rentals, carrying a wide variety to suit any renters needs: Snowboards; Demo Skis; Performance Packages; Childrens; Cross Country; Sleds; Clothing. You name it, we’ve got it. Our California Ski Run Boulevard location has everything you need.

Conveniently located on the way to Heavenly Mountain Resort.

Our Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff Will Get you the Proper Fit

Our service is what we take pride in and trying to keep us your local ski shop is what drives us. Located on Ski Run Boulevard, minutes away from the California Base Lodge, at Heavenly, the location gives you the ease of getting set up quickly and being on the mountain in just minutes. And if you are one to visit us throughout the year on a regular basis we can set your name up in our data base and all you have to do is call and we will have your rental equipment ready for you to pick up, at your convenience, and all at a discounted rate of course.

Customer Testimonials

  •   Affordable and fast service! I would definitely rent from here again. The only thing that's kind of a disappointment is the woman at the register near the main door entrance (hence minus one star and would have given 4 stars).

    I came here with my family and she gave my sister so much attitude. That attitude carried over to me when I paid for my rentals. It felt like we were such a bother to her. The other guys in the store though were so friendly and helpful. It could have been an off day for her, but luckily she wasn't there when we returned the rentals. Returning was so fast and easy!

    thumb Zeb E.

      This is my new stop for ski and boot rentals! Not only is it a great deal for boots, skis and poles ($22!), but also the customer service is outstanding. They gave us the one day rental price even though we were going skiing the next day and even mentioned if we were too tired to return our gear after skiing we could come the next day before 10AM.

    Tristan went above and beyond to explain how snug our boot should fit and what happens if the boot is too loose on the slopes. These guys really know their snow equipment and optimal ski condition! They also explained how to properly put on boots and what to look for in skis.

    They're so nice, explain everything to you, and gave us great recommendations for ski resorts and sledding. Sierra and Homewood are the best resorts that are affordable; heavenly is a total tourist trap and very expensive.

    The shop got a little busy while we were getting our skis fitted and another guy just jumped right in and was able to get our skis fitted and even waxed my skis for free! When we went to return our skis, they were super fast and asked if everything was okay.

    Will definitely come back and love supporting a local shop

    thumb Steph D.

      This place gave me ski gear that wasn't useable (boots didn't clip into the skis) and then insulted/accused me when I returned to tell them about the problem. It was one of the most insane and worst customer experiences I've ever had anywhere. I'm still shocked.

    Here's the full story. On 12/30/19 I rented skis, ski boots, and a helmet. No one in store fitted the skis to the ski boots, and I assumed everything was done properly when they told me I was good to go. I left and went skiing the next morning only to find in line for the chair lift at Heavenly that the boots didn't fit in the skis and there was about an inch gap in between the boot and the binding. I realized I had to go back down the mountain to get this fixed and went to Heavenly ski shop who said they wouldn't adjust for me (probably because it wasn't their gear) but the shop next door would. I went to the shop next door (believe it was Powder House) and a technician there adjusted and fitted the skis for me in about 5 mins. I think he felt bad for me and said it was no charge but I could tip him directly if I wanted. I gave him $15 cash and went back up the mountain and skied the next few days. When I returned the gear to Rip N Willies, I told them about the problem and suggested a refund for that first day. One of the staff members told me that they would never let someone out of the shop with skis that weren't fitted and started to deny that something like that was even possible. A second staff member approached me, and after I told him the story, he started raising his voice at me and insinuated I was lying about the whole experience because I didn't have a receipt for the repair. (Which again was just a tip I paid in cash.) After they argued with/shouted at me a bit more, he eventually offered me $20, which I did not accept because I was so insulted at that point. I left because it really wasn't about the money, but it was more that this shop had just ruined a day of skiing for me then verbally attacked me in the store. I totally understand if they're not able to give refunds without some documentation and don't hold that against them at all. What I don't understand is how their staff could treat a customer like that (shouting and accusing me of lying). That is inexcusable and totally unacceptable. Hope you enjoy all the money from my botched rental guys ; ) Take care

    thumb Tucker G.
  •   DONT COME HERE, they are rude and homophobic. I have never been so insulted and disgusted in my life. They are Liars and not customer friendly or helpful. They have faulty equipment.

    thumb Madelyn S.

      This place is the WORST. DO NOT COME HERE. My friend rented his skis from here as did I. First of all they were very unhelpful and gave us wet ski shoes and wet helmets, but that's not the worst of it. My friend rented his skis from here and they forgot to adjust/size them to his boots. We got all the way to the top of Heavenly mountain (which on New Year's Eve took us about 2 hours) when he realized they were not usable. He had to return all the way back to the bottom of the mountain (another 2 hours process) just to get them sized properly by someone at Heavenly rentals. He missed most of a day of skiing, $150 down the drain. When he returned his equipment to Rippin Willy's and told them what had happened, they accused him of lying and refused to give him a refund for even a day rental (only $30)!!! Absolutely unacceptable. These guys do not deserve anyone's business.

    thumb Jenny S.

      Day 1 - top of Heavenly summit and my son's snowboard bindings fail. Both straps broke and we couldn't get down the mountain without the help from ski patrol. Because of other yelp reviewers, we came here. I didn't even get the fellow's name but he fixed my son's bindings in less than 10 minutes and the shop was super busy. I was willing to pay anything but he said no charge & Merry Christmas! Another reason to support local family businesses.

    thumb Suzy L.

Conveniently located on the way to Heavenly Ski Resort

Rip N Willies
1144 Ski Run Boulevard
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

(530) 541-6366